Whores, Maids & Wives: Making Links

Year Published: 1998

In 1997, GAATW Canada hosted the North American Regional Consultative Forum on Trafficking in Women, the first consultation of its kind held in Canada.

The forum was designed to:

  • initiate dialogue on trafficking and migration,
  • facilitate an exchange of information and strategies,
  • formulate and ratify a plan of action,
  • and to expand the international network of organization and individuals committee to promoting the human rights of trafficked and migrant women.

The forum brought together activists from service-based and advocacy organizations in Canada, the United States, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand, the Netherlands, France, Puerto Rico, and the Czech Republic, as well as a number of scholars and policymakers.

Whores, Maids & Wives: Making Links

Whores, Maids & Wives: Making Links. (1998). GAATW Canada. 127 pp.